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Chapter I: Jurisdiction of the police court

Article 521

(Law nº 85-835 of August 7, 1985 art. 7 Official Journal of August 8, 1985 in force on October 1, 1985) (Law nº 89-469 of July 10, 1989 art. 8 Official Journal of July 11, 1989 in force on January 1 1990) (Law nº 92-1336 of December 16, 1992 art. 43 Official Journal of December 23, 1992 in force on March 1, 1994) (Ordinance nº 2000-916 of September 19, 2000 art. 3 Official Journal of September 22, 2000 in force on January 1, 2002)
   The police court hears tickets.
Violations that the law punishes with a fine not exceeding 3000 euros are contraventions.

Article 522

(Law n ° 83-466, of June 10, 1983 art. 37 Official Journal of June 11, 1983 in force on June 27, 1983)
The police court of the place where the offense was committed or noted or that of the residence of the accused is competent.
The police court of the headquarters of the company owning the vehicle is also competent in the event of a violation, either of the rules relating to the loading or the equipment of this vehicle, or of the working conditions in road transport, or of the coordination. transports.
Articles 383 to 387 are applicable to the judgment of offenses within the jurisdiction of the police court.

Article 523

   The police court is made up of the judge of the district court, an officer of the public prosecution as stated in articles 45 et seq., And a clerk


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