the e law on Internet
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The E Law On Internet

The rise of the consumer movement came from the United States and Canada (creation in 1967 of the Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs ). It had been   preceded for example in Denmark by a tradition coming from the movements of leagues of housewives in the 1920’s, with the Economic Council which in 1935 had been established for the protection of consumers, and a Consumers Committee in the 1960s. .

It   led to a wave of consumer protection legislation from   the end of the 1970s (see for example Law of   1978 in France,   1979 in Austria) but which will continue until the 1990s (see for example   Law of 1991 in Belgium,   1992 law in Switzerland).

Consumer laws,   and a fortiori consumer codes, demonstrate an emancipation from consumer protection with a specific legislative framework intended to promote fairness in contracts with consumers.

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